Our Cattle

The Spur Ranch breeding program of the 1960s was based upon performance testing and featured the Emulous bloodline. The breeding program was focused on the profitable traits and remains true today as a Volume Source for Angus Genetics for commercial and purebred producers.

We develop our heifers economically in Bermuda fescue pastures, and they are summered in large native bluestem pastures.

We use AHIR, ultrasound, and HD50K to develop cattle that grow, gain, and grade. We produce September and October steer calves, wean them at nine to ten months of age when they're 750 pounds, background them for 45-60 days, and deliver them weighing 825-850 pounds. We achieve these results by using bulls with 1,200 to 1,500 pound yearling weights and exceptional carcass traits. These results are the best evidence that, if you take care of birth weight and fertility, you will be on the road to success.